Welcome to Snak Academy

We just want you to know we’re passionate about social customer care! It’s why we set-up Snak Academy.

Snak Academy (@SnakAcademy) provides social customer care training for individuals, small and medium-sized companies. It was founded by Chief Snakkers – Billie Lou Sastre and Guy Stephens, both of whom have built up considerable experience, insight and expertise in social customer care.

We realised that the way people were learning was changing. Mobile devices are becoming the norm, and the act of learning itself is now less linked to the classroom. Today, people are increasingly learning ‘on the job’ in short bursts of ‘microlearning’ via their tablet or smartphone.

And this is how the idea behind Snak Academy evolved.

Billie and I, both feel that the whole area of social customer care training is often overlooked, with little conversation about it or thought leadership. It’s an area both of us are passionate about and we want to share that passion, together with the insight and experience we’ve built up over ten years with you and the wider social customer care and customer service community.

Billie & Guy [Chief Snakkers]