Chief Snakkers

Billie Sastre works as a consultant alongside businesses who want to better communicate with their customers via social networks. She helps them develop strategies that improve customer communication, lead to higher retention rates and customers becoming brand ambassadors for her clients.

Her agency Sastre Martin specialises in Social Customer Care strategies for Latin markets, and she is a keynote speaker at various Social Customer Care workshops and seminars.

She has worked for medium to large companies all over the Spanish and Latin markets and is a Tedx speaker. She inspires and helps women all over Latin America to be successful entrepreneurs and to find the right work-life balance.

Guy Stephens has been involved with social customer care almost from when the first social customer care tweet was sent in 2008. He set up social customer care for The Carphone Warehouse and was on the frontline responding to customers’ complaints on Twitter.

He was the first person to start running social customer care workshops in Asia and the Middle East back in 2011, and still runs the largest LinkedIn group on Social Customer Care (over 26,000 members) which he founded in 2009. He was recognised by The Huffington Post as one of the 100 Best Social Customer Service Pros on Twitter, and is recognised within the industry as a thought-leader, continuing to write, speak and tweet about social customer care.

Guy’s latest publication provided insight into the first five years of social customer care.



We work closely with Snackson, who provides the technology behind the learning app.


Based in Barcelona, Snackson is an innovative solution that enables companies to train employees in as little as five minutes per day using their smartphones.

Snackson’s methodology is based on micro-courses combining texts, images, videos, and questions.

Our method ensures learning content is released gradually to solidify learning through planned learning paths.

Check performance and/or rankings as participants progress through content items and quizzes using our gamification mechanics.  

Our methodology enables users to personalize their learning path and pace, making it easy to balance work and lifestyle. 

Get learning metrics across users and teams!

Simple, and easy way to learn.